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What I thought I'd do is pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes

2011-02-12 18:00:23 by legoland12342

The album is coming along swimmingly, and I think I'm up to nearly 5 tracks or so. I know, it's not a lot of progress for three months or so, but I'm a bit of a slowpoke. I will be releasing it on Jamendo, which both allows for free downloads, and donations. Later on, I'll probably send my tracks out to various other music services I use (SoundCloud, here, ACIDplanet, to name a few), but it will be released exclusively there first.

My dream is that I will also be able to release it through iTunes, to gain a bit more publicity that way. Other electronic music services are also not out of the question, but I'll test the market out before I actually try to sell the album. Again, I stress that it will be released through the CC license, which permits original ownership, yet allows for anyone to download and enjoy my music without the threat of piracy.

Also, I'm looking for a graphic designer to help me out on album artwork. If all else fails, I've got a few ideas in mind that I may be able to visualize, and perhaps a few other friend who would be willing to help me out, but again, professionalism is key.

Anyway, stay classy, Newgrounds.


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