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Trance Mix DjTB&amp;lt;-- Trance Mix DjTB<--

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Somewhat Alright

I'm quite ambiguous about the whole piece. Some parts were a little gravelly for my liking, and the volume levels were all over the place. Then again, other parts were pretty good, which more or less evened out the whole piece.

My advice to you is instead of making the sections fade into one another, take them out at flesh them out into standalone pieces, that way, instead of waiting for quite some time to get to a part that they like, they can just listen to a single in that form.

Also, no voices. In a piece like this, the voices felt quite out of place and unnecessary. With so much stuff going on, you really can't afford to screw up, at least too much.

I also noticed some repeated rhythems in the song. No. Just no.

And it's also a tad on the long side. Again, with the separate sections, you're just better off making a bunch of high quality, superb pieces than making just one really long, average one with all of the rhythems that sound cool.

DjThunderbass responds:

Dude clam down i wasn't aiming for it to be the best on NG